Below are some commonly asked questions:

Q: What is a balance bike?

A: A balance bike is a bike without pedals. They teach the child balance, steering, coordination and control. Once the balance bike is mastered, the transition to a pedal bike is much easier. 


Q: Why are balance bikes such a good idea for young children?

A: They help to develop balance for new bike riders.  Learning to ride a balance bike also has a positive affect on a child's overall development of motor skills and muscle development. 


Q: How will a Mamba balance bike help my child learn to ride a regular bike?

A: A balance bike teach your child to learn natural balance. Once your child has balance, they have that balance forever. They can progress easily to a regular bike with pedals.


Q: Why don't your bikes have pedals?

A: Pedals will only get in the way.  Pedals are the next stage of riding.


Q: Do the bikes have brakes?

A: No, there are no brakes.  In fact a handbrake is not recommended.  The rider already has their feet on the ground and they use their feet to stop (just like walking or running).


Q: How is my child supposed to stop the bike?

A: They are walking the bike along and use their feet to stop.  This happens naturally and very safely.


Q: Are the bike seats adjustable?

A: Yes, the seat height on our metal bikes are adjustable.


Q: How long will my child be able to use the balance bike for?

A: They will use a balance bike for a year or more and then be ready to move up to a pedal bicycle.  Most kids will use their balance bikes for several years even after learning how to ride a pedal bike because they are still fun to get on and ride around on.


Q: How easy is it to assemble the bikes?

A: It is very simple. All instructions are included. There are easy to follow pictures and the instructions are straight forward.  Total time to assemble the bike should be less than 5 minutes.


Q: Do you have replacement parts?

A: Yes, we can replace any part for you. Just contact us for help with any issue you may have.


Q: Are the tires the same as normal bike tires?

A: The tires are made from EVA polymer (a strong foam).  They are light weight and extremely durable and they do not require air (so they can't go flat).


Q: How do I decide which Mamba bike is best for my child?

A: Use our product comparison page to see what features are best for your child.  Metal bikes are great choices, so if in doubt we suggest having your child chose their favorite style and color.  You really can't go wrong!