Why a Balance Bike?

Balance bikes are bikes without pedals. They teach the child balance, steering, coordination, and control. Once a balance bike is mastered, the transition to a pedal bike is much easier. 

Mamba Bikes teach balance before pedaling, which helps your child build confidence and coordination.  It is all about encouraging kids to get on their feet and ride.  With the lightweight 12-inch Mamba Bike, your child will be able to experience the freedom of riding before they are ready for a full-size bike.  These bicycles are both exciting and safe, making them a great choice for children ages 2 and up.   

Riding a bike is an activity that builds assurance, so why not start early?  The extra stability of the Mamba Bike makes it perfect for young riders who are just starting out or practicing balance skills while on the go. It features adjustable seat post for riders of different heights, making it perfect for beginners and experts alike.   The frame is made from steel, it's durable enough to keep up with your child's growing strength.   The bike is easy to maneuver while the brightly colored body provides visual support.  Plus, the ability to ride in any direction offers endless opportunities for creativity and exploration.